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We are Just Enough UK (England and Wales) and we live here with YOU on Planet Earth, it is a completely brilliant place it has ice cream! However, a few things need sorting to make it even better. Our mission is to help every child in the UK make sense of the difficult subjects in the world today. 
Our job is to give children fun, informative workshops and simple online lessons based on difficult worldwide subjects and inspire them to make the world a better place.

One person can make a change

Here’s what we’re doing...
★ Delivering fun and engaging workshops from 5­ to 16 year olds
★ Providing cross ­curricular lesson plans and assemblies
★ Contributing towards Ofsted safeguarding requirements and British Values
★ Never shocking, but inspiring and educating children!!!

Over 1000 teachers in the UK have recommended us and by the way that is 100% of our client base so far...