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We are Just Enough UK and we live here with YOU on Planet Earth, it is a completely brilliant place it has ice cream! However, a few things need sorting to make it even better. Our mission is to help every child in the UK make sense of the difficult subjects in the world today. 

We are currently focussing on two big issues - Modern Day Slavery and Radicalisation.
Our job is to give children a fun and informative workshop based on the subject matter and inspire them to make the world a better place.

One person can make a change

Here’s what we’re doing...
★ Delivering fun and engaging workshops from 8­ to 16 year olds
★ Providing cross ­curricular lesson plans
★ Contributing towards Ofsted safeguarding requirements and British Values
★ Never shocking, but inspiring and educating children!!!

Over 1000 teachers in the UK have recommended us and by the way that is 100% of our client base so far...  


Our Little Adverts 

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Our Promise


Our Promise


Our Promise

We will never shock or scare children in any way, but instead inspire children to believe that “one person can make a change” 

Our fun workshops use drama, storytelling, and games to educate on these important messages

We hand pick our presenters who are experienced actors, performers and facilitators. They are all DBS checked and under go thorough training to ensure consistency across all workshops

Our follow up lesson plans will compliment your taught curriculum

We care about the environment so we are working towards having recycled and/or reusable materials for all our resources

We spend money very carefully, as much as possible is done in house to keep expenses down. For example, this website.

From education to the administration we care about every little nook and cranny and will always work hard to deliver the best service

We are completely independent. The charity is not affiliated to any political party or religion,so we are able to work with everyone