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Anti -Hate


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Anti -Hate

We know that the world is changing and children are seeing more and more difficult subjects in the news that they are going to have to understand and one day inherit from us to change.

 Our Hate Crime workshop is Brand *NEW* for 2018, jam-packed full of a journey through history to explore different hate crime that has happened, from Cowboys and Indians, Batman Vs Superman and Witches. We look at the reasons they would hate each other and why racism, ignorance and bigotry lead us to violence and fear (and how to change the cycle!).

We also include a ‘Just Enough’ dose of inspirational stories to get children thinking about their world and how wonderful it is, and how much better we can make it.  

The children finish with a look at the story of Katherine Johnson and how race was put aside to help put man on the Moon and without her we would never have made it!

 This is a workshop with a lot of acting and fun to help children make this world even better!


Curriculum Links / Hate Crime Action Plan

  • Challenge beliefs and attitudes that can underlie hate crime

  • Work to give tools to young people and teachers to tackle hatred and prejudice

  • Address how to respond to Hate Crime in Communities

  • Supporting values of Democracy, rule of law, individuality, liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.


PSHE Curriculum Links KS2

  • That their actions affect themselves and others, to care about other people's feelings and to try to see things from their points of view

  • To think about the lives of people living in other places and times, and people with different values and customs.

  • To realise the nature and consequences of racism, teasing, bullying and aggressive behaviours, and how to respond to them and ask for help.

  • That differences and similarities between people arise from a number of factors, including cultural, ethnic, racial and religious diversity, gender and disability.