2007 Phil meets Emma 

It all started when drummer Phil Knight met the actress Emma Thompson at a fundraising party. They got talking and Emma ended up inviting Phil to an event in London put on by the Helen Bamber Foundation... It was called 'Journey' and it told the story of a young girl trafficked from Moldova. It blew Phil away and was the catalyst for him to try and help in the only way he knew .

2009 Drum for Life

Phil spent a year planning an event he called 'Drum For Life'. His plan was to drum for four and a half days in Leicester Square to 1800 songs and break a world record in aid of Helen Bamber. After four and a half tough days with no sleep, Phil did it and broke the world record. He never claimed the record, as on the day he broke the record he had a massive hug with the girl whose story inspired him. 
And that was Just Enough..

2011 The EVERYDAY Project

After the success of Drum for Life, Phil had a simple idea. He was to lock himself in a small shipping container in Camden for two solid weeks with only a few essentials to live on; no mobile phones or devices would be allowed, just a Sharpie pen and a bouncy ball for company. This was to make people think about what it might be like to feel isolated from the world as a trafficked person might be. It worked... The project had over 6000 hits on a webcam set up in the box and got the attention of the world's media, including CNN and the BBC. It left Phil very broken and depressed as he had been completely on his own for two weeks. He worked incredibly hard to pull himself back, with the help of his wife Charlie, and realised that what had happened to him after only two weeks in the box was nothing compared to what it must be like for a person who is trafficked for real...

2013 The Charity is Founded 

Just Enough UK focuses on Prevention. After 'The EVERYDAY Project, Phil was asked to do a few talks in schools around London about why he did these events and campaigns. The kids loved the story telling, from being in the Box, the long drumming and all the story telling. So Phil and Greg plus a cool Board of Trustees decided to set up a charity that could spread the message further. 

2015 We go to Scotland 

After Just Enough UK was formed in 2013 in London and quickly moved to Scotland and after years of background work Lynsey and Phil met in 2015 and Just Enough Scotland became its own organisation working in Edinburgh and Fife instantly with other counties quickly coming on board. Below is our first little and amazing Just Enough Scotland Office. It's PINK!!!

2016 We Educate over 30,000 Children in the UK!

More and more schools book in the workshops and we start to deliver Anti Radicalisation Workshops after the Paris Terror attacks as schools need to find ways to talk to their children about Terrorism in the world today. We apply our brains to it and come up with a session that becomes a great hit with schools.

2017 We Go across the World 

We see a growing demand internationally after a piece on CNN goes out on us and decide to go for it! Phil fly's off to America, Canada, South Africa and even India. We meet with amazing people and our brand of fun education starts work into September of this year across the globe. As for next year...