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Welcome to the Bookings page! Here you don't even have to mess about phoning us... There are some frequently asked questions to help you along and please, always feel free to call us if you need anymore information on 0300 999 1807, we do love getting a phone call.

Commonly asked questions... here's the answers

  • We will only work with class sized groups of up to 30 children 
  • Each workshop is one hour long and only requires a classroom set up
  • We will do up to four workshops a day 
  • One presenter will be sent to your school who is fully DBS checked and will bring it with them 
  • We will phone you a week before your workshop to confirm the booking 
  • Your class will never be shocked or scared by what we do (everything is fun and educational)
  • We will contact you within 24 hours once you have decided what you would like to book  
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This will have been on your promotional email at the bottom of the page. If however you just want to book a workshop please write REQUEST PRICES and we will email you the costs of the workshops. Yay!
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