Hello Everyone!!!

We here at Just Enough love our planet, it is the only one we have (for now). So we thought in the true spirit of Just Enough we would right some fun stuff about it that you could share with your class

The Moon

The Earth and the Moon once crashed into each other many, many moons ago! Ha, but when the Earth was first forming the orbits between the big lumps of rock that were quite happily forming got a tad close and Boom they rocketed into each other! They then went spinning off from each other and if that had not have happened for one surfers would have nothing to ride at the beech but we would not spin at the right speed to have steadied out and given Earth a chance to slow down and start forming everything.

Thanks Moon but please do stick around (it is drifting away really really slowly and in a few billion years it won't be close enough to help us stay steady. We may gain a small wobble.

The Earth

So Earth, we walk on it everyday, and have you ever stopped to think about how much is actually packed on it! Beeches, Oceans, Forrest's, Ice, it is just packed! But why?

It is all to do with spin distance and such, so it works like this... Sun rays fire at the Earth from 92.96 million miles which is really handy as if we were a tad closer we would burn up and a few the other way, well it would be a tad chilli. So rays fly at us but because of the angle of the Earth it lets in more sun light across the equator than say... Great Britain which does get sunny days but nowhere near what say... Africa gets, basically because it is at less of an angle so more sunlight gets through! And the big reason it stays really chilli at the poles is because of the same reason cricketers wear white, it reflects sunlight! so the sun gets through to the poles and bounces straight back out again... It doesn't get the chance to heat up. So how can global warming be happening if all the heat bounces off the ice? Well this is how we understand it... 

The Atmosphere 

So wind, weather and the atmosphere that keeps it all in! It is quite amazing actually how this thin layer of gases keeps all of this weather in.