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Why Ethi-Ads?

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First, we want to support business in the UK! We educate in thousands of schools around the world and to make sure we keep the cost down to the school we are launching a new initiative: Ethi-Ads! We created Ethi-Ads to get businesses names into the community in a more ethical manner - simple and honest, without bombarding the children's learning experience.

Target Customer base

If you want to target a local customer base of families (say you run a toy or bike shop) you can partner with us through Ethi-Ads and we will guarantee every child goes home knowing who you are.  

How does it work

Your logo goes on the presentation with ours and is acknowledged at the end of every workshop. Your logo and (optional) promotional code go on the children's certificate. The promotional code can be used for anything you want, 10% off anything in store, a free lunch or a bike helmet! All to drive the local community to your business.

The chain of good

For You

You get to be a part of the worldwide education of children to help make this world a better place. You open up your business to more people in the local area and get to show the amazing work you are supporting through your business + of course a return on your investment. Happy days

For Us

We are changing the world and we want you to be part of that! There are benefits to us, we get to work and partner up with a local business, we get a little bit more money into the organisation which allows us to pay our presenters a bit more and keep spreading our message everywhere. 

How much does it cost? 

£15.00 per class!!!

Yep that's it £15.00 per class which works out at 30 children which is 50p per child 

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