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Our workshops are fun, informative and of an excellent quality, 100% of teachers would recommend us to a colleague and we make sure costs are kept down to make this work available to every child in the UK. Please pick your subject below :-) 

Inset Day

We understand that Inset day safeguarding training can sometimes feel like "Death By PowerPoint". Well, we can assure you that the 20,237 slides from Just Enough will keep you fully awake! Kidding of course! We will teach your staff on difficult Global issues like slavery and radicalisation in the fun and informative "Just Enough” way for which we have so far received 100% completely satisfied feedback from over 1000 teachers! 

We will ensure that your staff will be out of their chairs, up on their feet in situational role plays based around these serious subjects, but using comedy and fun to maintain interest. We have always said that "if we can make them laugh we can make them listen and if we can make them listen, we can make them learn”! 

If you book us for an inset day we will give you a complimentary  12 months subscription to, our online platform.

Call us today on 0300 999 1807 to find out more. We can personalise your day to make sure you don't feel like the picture below!

Phil Knight

Founder and CEO

Death by Powerpoint!!!

Death by Powerpoint!!!

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