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Our workshops are fun, informative and of an excellent quality. 100% of teachers would recommend us to a colleague, and we make sure costs are kept down to make this work available to every child in the UK. Because we work to prevent these things from happening in the first place, schools are able to use the Pupil Premium budget towards our workshops, as it will help educate any vulnerable children in your school. All of this is less than the price of a laptop! Please pick your subject below :-) 

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This is the mental health arm of the Just Enough Education Group. It has been set up to help children to simply laugh! We are a funny bunch, and we realised that children who attended our workshops on Modern Slavery, Knife Crime and others were having a lot of fun with the way that we teach.

With growing numbers of children experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, we decided that Just Enough had to do something to help!

So welcome to Stand Up for Kids! We are very excited to be launching this in Autumn 2018. Our goal is simple: go into school across the UK and make children and teachers laugh! With the pressure of exams and modern life, sometimes all you need to do is laugh and hear that other people have gone through the same experience!  

The Magical World of Just Enough....